Infotek Solutions offers businesses experienced IT Consultants in Perth

In our industry we have come across a large number of business networks that have been setup incorrectly. We are often rescuing businesses as they have just simply had enough with their current network and require it to be setup and designed properly. As we are a boutique IT company we are able to work a lot more personally with our clients. We really do listen to every problem and also discuss current issues with staff members before the design process takes place. It is crucial when planning a new network that all these bases are covered and nothing is left overturned. We minimise impact to our clients business when upgrading their networks. Most work is either done on the weekends or out of office hours. We believe that it is important to run your business alongside an IT upgrade with minimal interference. We plan for this on all projects no matter how big or small. Also as we have partnered with a vast range of distributors within Australia we are also able to source hardware and software at extremely competitive rates. We work with our clients to help lower their ongoing IT costs.

Some of our IT consulting services include:

Network Design – We specialise in both wired and wireless network design or even a mixture of both. We have experienced network engineers that can take your site layout and put together a plan with a detailed professional network diagram. Our engineers are trained and aware of the latest technology, making sure that your business benefits from the latest trends. We also match technology to our clients. We will not sell you something that does not suit the size of your business. If your business has multiple sites our network engineers can interconnect these sites together so that your staff can access and share data across your entire organisation.

Server Design – When purchasing a server for your business this task can be daunting. Server’s can range from $1000 up to $100,000+ We will personally go through all the options with you and show you what is currently available in the market. We tailor each server design to your business and we also put some capacity planning into your design for the future. Therefore when you purchase your server you can rest assured that you have covered all possibilities and this server will grow with your business. All hardware is purchased from our network of competitive suppliers and we pass our discounts onto our clients.

IT Audit – If your business requires an IT Audit we have the correct tools to perform the job. Our advanced proactive monitoring and alerting package can collect extensive data and compile this into many different executive reports. Wether your after a licence count or check, hardware inventory report, asset summary report, warranty lookup report, performance report, security and patching report we can facilitate this task. We can simply install agents on all of your hardware and let these gather all the information you require. Ever wondered what hardware and software you have in your organisation? How old your PC’s are?. What operating sytems are running?. We can help you find out now.

Hardware Upgrades – Within the IT industry all hardware will eventually hit End of Life. When this happens you will find machines are slowing down, freezing and generally just not responding. No doubt your staff will be complaining and this can also effect productivity within your business. Sometimes older hardware can be refreshed to get more life out of the product, however in some cases hardware will need to be upgraded. We are honest with our approach to these upgrades and we will tell you upfront whether we think the machine needs to go or if it can be refreshed. If machines need upgrading we make sure we bring across all of the end users personal settings. That way your staff can keep working as they were but on a much faster PC increasing their productivity.

Cloud based consultancy – We attempt to unravel the complexity of cloud based solutions. If you are after email hosting, web hosting, cloud backups or server hosting we have partnered with some of the best cloud solution providers in Australia. Choosing a cloud provider can be hard due to so many competitors that are now in the market. We have done all the research for you and partnered with the ultimate cloud providers to bring our clients the best possible cloud solutions at extremely competitive pricing. In some cases many businesses will benefit simply by hosting their email in the cloud. This means that now your email system is hosted on enterprise hardware and in most cases with full redundancy for a small cost each month. Would you like to save money on your power bill? would you like to have enterprise redundancy? Let us discuss moving your onsite servers to the cloud and shutting down the physical boxes that contribute to your ongoing monthly expenses.