Proactive IT Support

Let us look after your critical business IT systems. Infotek is a premium managed serviced provider based in Perth, Western Australia.

How can Proactive IT Support save your business from costly down time?

Proactive IT Support is a significant cost reduction to a full time IT presence in your company yet it’s as if you have your own team of full time specialists working for you.

We have invested in a state of the art management, monitoring and patching system. This system works around the clock to make sure your business is free of errors, problems and most of all is secure.

Our staff have also customised a number of crucial maintenance scripts that help keep your business IT systems functioning at an optimal level.

If our management system comes across any potential problems we are alerted to these issues, in most cases before it can cause your business down time.

How do we respond to alerts before they turn into problems?

Once we’ve detected a possible issue, the problem can often be addressed remotely before it become and more serious issue. (Before your network goes down)
A remote approach is the most cost effective way to deal with your IT outsourcing.

Should the problem require onsite attendance our team is available to attend site and Proactive IT support customers receive our SLA priority service.

IT Reporting

Data is collected via our monitor platform and this also forms the basis of our executive monthly reports.
We like to have monthly meetings with a designated IT administrator at our clients premises to discuss these reports.

We can also discuss and litigate any potential problems no matter how big or small before these become detrimental to your business.

Why wait for problems to happen when in most cases there is generally some sort of a sign that an issue is about to happen. Keep your business IT systems running with Infotek’s Proactive IT support solutions.

Be proactive with your IT. Dont wait for a problem to happen!


Just a short list of some of our proactive maintenance checks:
  • Check system, application and security event logs
  • Check free hard disk space
  • Empty recycle bin and delete temporary files Check Backups.
  • Check raid array/hard drive management systems
  • Apply relevant security patches and service packs
  • Check hubs/switches for high utilisation and collisions
  • Check load balancing
  • Check DNS server resolution
  • Check available bandwidth and reporting.
  • Check router up time
Backup Systems
  • Check backup event logs
  • Clean tape drive and heads
  • Update backup software with updates and patches.
  • Ensure end of month backups are completed.
Virus Protection
  • Check and download all definitions and alerts required
  • Check virus scan logs
  • Check and delete all quarantine files
  • Check firewall log files
  • Check for Internet browser and program security updates
Internet and E-mail
  • Check administrator mailboxes and address relevant issues
  • Check queues in Internet mail program
  • Check e-mail access
  • Check remote access servers and connection times
  • Check Internet connection and connected times
  • Check Internet data downloads by user if required
  • Delete temporary Internet files on server and workstations
  • Check Internet usage and quarantine settings
  • Check and test Internet access restrictions

Uninterruptible Power Supply

  • Test UPS
  • Check and report on battery life and available runtime.
  • Available hard disk space
  • Consult users and solve any problems
  • Check virus protection status
  • Run virus scan on all hard drives
  • Check disk drive for errors
  • Update with downloads and patches where required
  • Maintain user profiles and permission groups
  • Manage mailboxes and distribution groups